Horizon Business & Technology Park

Horizon Business & Technology Park, a new private development in Bucksport that offers businesses a great location and affordable lots. Locally owned and managed, the new commercial business park features 5 lots with full municipal infrastructure in place. Lots are accessed via a 24 foot wide paved street (Park Street) that connects with Route 1 just west of McDonald's. Plans are in the works to connect Park Street with Broadway, making it a through street. The annualized traffic count on Route 1 in this area is 20,000 cars daily, making Park Street an attractive option for retail businesses as well as professional establishments. 
To preserve the natural beauty of the area, only the left side of the Horizon Business & Technology Park will be developed, while the other side will remain wooded. Plans are in the works to construct pubic nature trails on the wooded side of the park. 
For more information about Horizon Business & Technology Park as well as other business expansion opportunities in the Bucksport Bay Area please contact the Bucksport Economic Development Office at (207)469-7368