Know Your Neighbor

What is the “Know Your Neighbor” Program?

“If you’re going to be neighborly, you have to know your neighbors. You can’t be neighborly in a convocation of strangers.”

—Wendell Berry

Wendell Berry is an 87-year-old Kentucky farmer and award-winning author of over 50 books. His incisive writing inspired Dr. Stephen York, executive director of Brown Hall, to establish the “Know Your Neighbor” programs at the historic Brown Hall on the second Tuesday of each month from 7:15 to 8:15 PM. Dr. York interviews a guest each month to build community and promote understanding of who people are as our neighbors.  It is a friendly discussion in which critical topics that encourage awareness, neighborliness, and community.

Brown Hall at the corner of Elm and Franklin Streets.  The building is handicapped-accessible.  There is ample parking. The “Open Flag identifies the entrance to Brown Hall.” For more information about this programming and other programs offered at Brown Hall, contact Dr. Stephen York at 951-7544.

Programs are on the channel and the Town of Bucksport’s website, offering further opportunities to all to “experience Bucksport.” 

Know Your Neighbor Programs

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September 2021 - Buck Library Director Lisa Ladd
October 2021 - Meg Keay
March 2022- Bucskport High School Robotics Team