Quality of Life

HOMESWEETHOMESIGNAsk any Bucksport resident what it’s like to live in Bucksport and the answer you’ll get might depend on what part of town they reside in, because there are several very distinct residential locales in Bucksport, each one with a unique character appealing to those that live there.

By The Bay

Those fortunate to live next to the shores of Penobscot Bay enjoy the cool sea breezes and wisps of salt air, the rhythm of the tides, the breath-taking scenic views, and the engaging sights of seals swimming lazily along and eagles soaring above. This is a special place to live in Bucksport, not only because of its natural beauty, but also because it is here where it all began; where the town’s first settlers built their homes and businesses.


Just a short distance away from the shore, a large percentage of the town’s population lives in a densely-developed area known as the “Compact Area,” an assembly of neighborhoods where homes are located on small lots and, consequently, relatively close to one another. This type of environment is conducive for neighbors to be neighborly and take the opportunity to get to know who they share this part of town with. And certainly, living in-town has its conveniences. Shopping for groceries, going to the library, or getting a haircut is easy, because it’s all right there in the Compact Area. Here is where kids go to school, play in playgrounds and compete on the sport fields. It’s where church-goers worship and club meetings are held. It’s an environment that truly represents what small-town community living is at its best.


Outside the Compact Area are the less-developed rural areas of town, accessed by several town roads with age-old names such as “Bucksmills,” “Town Farm,” “Millvale,” “Jacob Buck” and “Turkey Path.” These roads will take you into a world where farming, timber harvesting, seasonal camps, and country living is the reality. The folks who call this part of town home live there because of its rustic beauty and peaceful retreat from the fast-paced life of nearby cities that many commute to and from each work day. And when work is done, taking a dip in a cool pond or backyard pool, having a barbecue on the deck, harvesting veggies from the garden, spotting deer in the woods, going fishing, heading out for a 4-wheeler mud-run, a snowshoe hike, or snowmobile ride, are all activities enjoyed by the residents who live along the back roads of Bucksport. It’s all right there in the country.

Along The Ways

Another popular place to reside is within the travel corridors along Route 15 and Route 46. These roads are quite popular for truckers and commuters, but they are also convenient for many who choose to locate their homes along the way. While not quite as rural an environment as that found along the back roads of Bucksport, these roads nevertheless take travelers by farms, camps, and country homes. The front yards of many of the homes on these roads provide a buffer from the traffic sounds, while the backyards provide a sanctuary very similar to that enjoyed by those living off the beaten path. Folks that live in this area appreciate the quick access to major State routes and nearby communities, while also being able to have a sense of relief from the pressures of the civilized world at the end of the day.

Altogether Now 

People make their homes all over our town, whether it’s along in-town streets, country roads or State routes, in the hills, in the valleys, by the shores, or down long dirt roads in the woods. Because of the geographical size of the town, a lot of homes are miles apart, but regardless of the physical distances there may be between the residents of Bucksport, there is still a strong community spirit that can be felt throughout the town. Neighbors helping neighbors and families doing for families are an important part of what makes living in Bucksport so appealing, and it’s why so many are proud to call Bucksport their home. Life really is good here, and you will find lots of people who will agree, wherever they may live.

Sound Inviting?

There are ample opportunities for those considering living in Bucksport. Contact a local realtor for property listings, or check the local paper for information on rentals.

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