Zoning Board of Appeals

The Board of Appeals is responsible for granting variances from any dimensional requirement of a zoning ordinance. The board is also responsible for hearing appeals pertaining to certain decisions or actions of the Town Council, Planning Board, or Code Enforcement Officer.

The board's regular meeting date is the second Tuesday of each month. A meeting is only held if there is business to conduct.

The Board of Appeals consists of five members appointed by the Town Council to serve 5-year terms. The current members and their term expiration dates are identified as follows:

Michael Hayduck (Chair) March 31, 2022
Richard Tennant, Jr. (Secretary) March 31, 2023
Donald White March 31, 2024
Teri Doty March 31, 2025
W. Kim Delbridge March 31, 2026

To download an application for an appeal, please select the following link:

Board of Appeals Application

Select from the links below to access agendas and minutes for board meetings, or for more information on the functions of the board: