Public Safety:  Police

In Case of Emergency, DIAL 911 !!!!
Sean Geagan, Director of Public Safety
Fax: (207)469-3122
Address: 89 Franklin Street
                 PO Box C-1

                 Bucksport, ME 04416
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Mission Statement

We the members of the Bucksport Police Department will strive to provide the highest level of personal safety to the citizens of this community. We will protect their rights as guaranteed under the State and Federal constitutions, and safeguard the lives and property of our community. We will accomplish this mission by providing our citizens with a high degree of ethical and professional police services while maintaining their trust, understanding and confidence.

Core Values
Integrity: We will be fair and do the right thing in order to keep the citizens of our community safe. We will adhere to both moral and ethical principles in all that we do both inside and outside of our duties. 
Honesty: We will demonstrate good moral character. We will always be truthful, straightforward, trustworthy, loyal, fair and sincere to the people that we serve.
Teamwork: We will work together to achieve one common goal in order to keep the citizens of our community safe. We will work together with shared responsibilities in order to achieve this.

Contact Information
David E. Winchester, Deputy Police Chief:

Darrin Moody, Sergeant:

Robert H. Findlay, Patrol Officer

Eric M. Marcel, Patrol Officer

Matthew G. Schmidt, Patrol & K9 Officer
with Axel, K9 Officer

Tyler Adams, Patrol Officer

Ben Kolko, Patrol Officer

Alan Medina, Patrol Officer

Amanda Loeven, Patrol Officer

Ryan Knight, Reserve Patrol Officer

Ryan Welch, Reserve Patrol Officer

Ernie Fitch, Reserve Patrol Officer

Richard "Mac" Sullivan, Reserve Patrol Officer

Kayla Brooks, Reserve Patrol Officer